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appear to be far apart. the big sticking point is taxes. the president says any agreement must include revenue increases but republicans are fiercely opposed. >> to get a big package would require a big tax increases in the middle of the economic situation that is extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. it is a terrible idea. it is a job killer. >> reporter: if no deal is reached by the august 2nd deadline, the u.s. may not be able to borrow money to keep the government running and could default on its massive loans. >> if they don't act, then we face catastrophic damage to the american economy. >> some republicans favor cutting spending by $2 trillion. they accuse the obama administration of scare tactics, claiming the u.s. has the money. it will not default and that there is no reason to panic. tara mergener, for cbs news, the white house. >>> both sides are scheduled to meet later today. >>> well, the national debt may be a topic that many americans are glossing over. but it affects each of us. surae chinn wanted to know if you knew what the consequences are if no deal is
far, no charges have been filed. so, the big questions now are of course why did this happen and why didn't boozer tell the child's family that their baby was safe. the other big question is how did boozer and the family get here to d.c. all the way from baltimore. of course, a lot of questions still here that are all part of the investigation but the good news is, of course, that this baby is safe and back with his family. back to you, surae. >> interesting saga. thank you, kristin. >>> it is won to the wire and so far, there is no deal in the bid to raise the debt limit and lower the deficit. and there are just eight days to go. well, senate democratic leader harry reid is working on a plan he says meets the republican's two main goals. spending cuts and no new revenue. meanwhile, house speaker john boehner says he's unveiling a proposal today and conservative lawmakers should be prepared to compromise. >>> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that's not possible, i and my republican colleagues in the house are prepared to move on our own. it would
. it is an honor to have brigadier general leon johnson here. he came all the way there big d, dallas, texas. what a delight to have you as my guest. >> thank you for having me. >> this is going to be a special convention that starts august 3rd at the gaylord convention center, celebrating 70 years of greatness. >> yes. >> what's going to take place? >> back in 1941 on july 19th, the first class started at us the -- at tuskeegee. we will have a documentary, "for love of victory," then youth day at the convention center. there will be a youth luncheon. we're not going to sit the youth down for lunch. we'ring to let them wander through an exhibit area. we're going to have people they can interact with, because one of our big purposes with youth is giving them an opportunity to think about careers in aviation and aerospace. >> and focusing on science. and that's what the nonprofit part of tuskegee airmen, incorporated, does, trying to get them focused on science and aviation. >> our purpose is to preserve the heritage of the original airmen, because too few people know about their many accomplishment
more information when we get it. >>> some big names are lining up against redskins owner dan snyder and his lawsuit against the washington city paper. among them, channel 9, the aclu, and npr. they want a judge to toss out the lawsuit as frivolous. snyder is suing the city paper and writer dan mckenna. he claims the paper libeled him, writing malicious things about him and believed the comments were anti-semitic. the city paper sits by mckenna and his article. brett haber has ask snyder for a one-on-one interview to talk about this suit. snyder has declined. >>> the montgomery county council is expected to cast its final vote today to give the police chief more power without having to enter collective bargaining with the police union. the fraternal order of police contends the bill erodes protections for the officers. however, the measure would not affect the union's bargaining rights over wages or benefits. >>> the montgomery county police involved in this crash may have some explaining to do. the accident shut down colesville road in silver spring for nearly 12 hours.
and big corporations. but republicans argue that's basically raising taxes in a recession and that is something they won't support. lawmakers need to come up with a plan in the next two weeks so it can be passed and signed into law by august 2nd. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white houses. >>> the federal government actually hit its debt ceiling several weeks ago. since then, treasury officials have been using accounting maneuvers to pay the nation's bills without borrowing money. >>> a d.c. advisory commissioner will not have his day in court because d.c. mayor gray did not show up as a defense witness. 58-year-old keith silver was one of more than 70 d.c. residents arrested during protests at the capitol and the white house. residents are fighting for voting rights and the right to spend local dollars how they choose. silver was ready for trial today, but the attorney general's office representing the mayor moved to squash the mayor's subpoena citing it was an inconvenience as the highest ranking official for the district. the mayor had paid the fine when he was arr
mission payload. >> just this whole cubicle. >> essentially, a big hardware box, the size of a washing machine that will fly on the shuttle and dock on the international space station. its purpose is to service future satellites. >> starting on friday, i will have my team in here so i will be pinning my team 55 minutes into the flight, does everything look good? >> all eyes are on the final mission with goddard and a special role. >> i think i can't believe this is the final space shuttle mission. it is emotional to think this is a magical piece of hardware, amazing engineering feat. we are going to lose it. >> this friday's launch into orbit will be the 135th blastoff and shuttle's last mission. >> it will be sad to see it all end. >> the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> at goddard spaceflight center, surae chinn, 9news now. >>> our kristin fisher is heading to the kennedy space center. she'll have live reports later this week as we get closer to the launch of atlantis. if all goes to plan, liftoff is scheduled for 11:26 friday morning. >>> still to come when the news continues, new
for the elderly as well. drink lots of water and more big storms are possible late this afternoon. here's how the future cast shows us the storms coming in. you can see they're just isolated. so, again, not everyone will see them. some of the storms can be strong if not severe. we'll watch that tonight and then we've got a cold front coming in from the north which means behind it, we'll start to cool off and then drier air will come in. the highs today were pushing upper 90s close to 100. fredericksburg near 100. even in annapolis warming up to 96 degrees. now, overnight, we're not cooling down a whole lot. it will be warm and muggy tonight. only down to around 79 degrees. so, maybe all night will feel like in the 80s once you factor in the dew point. leesburg cooling down to 73 degrees. lower 70s for hagerstown. tappahannock cooling down to 76 degrees. here is your seven-day outlook. storms are possible. some heavy if not severe. wednesday, same deal. little bit cooler around 94 degrees. that's still hot. thursday, friday, those are the days you're going to feel the real relief. it will be d
townsend shared one big tip. make sure your battery is in good shape! >> if the battery is not working, the air-conditioner will not work and you're not only stuck on the side of the road, you're stuck in a hot car. and that's a fate that no one should endure this week. >> reporter: all right, we have other tips for you. make sure your oil, antifreeze and windshield fluid levels are good. make sure your tires are properly inflated. especially on hot roads and be sure you replace your hoses and your belts if they are in rough shape. >>> ok, for more tips on keeping your car running well, go to our web site at also, watch lesli foster's report. the story is under the consumer news tab. >>> all right. need all of the tips because it is going to get hotter. >> real dangerous stuff moving in. you know, if you're elderly, you don't have as much water in your body. it is more difficult for you to stay cool and some of our elderly friends don't have the senses to know when they're overheating. please check on them. obviously your pets, they have to pant. keep them inside. this is re
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8